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UPDATED Empatheias Application


Player: Cee
Contact: [ profile] ceedawkes
Age: 26
Current Characters: None


Character: Natsume Takashi
Age: 16 almost 17
Canon: Natsume Yuujinchou
Canon Point: Updated through 5.11 in the Natsume Yuujinchou anime

Background: Wiki Link

Personality: The first thing most people notice about Natsume is how kind he is. He’s a very polite, soft-spoken, perpetually-smiling young man who always, always, always considers the needs of others ahead of his own. Adults (especially the elderly) love him, because he’s so polite, but children and peers (as well as anyone particularly perceptive) can tell after a while that he’s putting on an act. The smile isn’t genuine, the manners are very surface-level, and Natsume otherwise keeps his true feelings and emotions hidden.

This is done initially out of wariness, as Natsume has a long history of being rejected or otherwise mistreated for showing his true self, but it will eventually be done out of well-meaning good intentions. Natsume is a genuinely kind and compassionate young man, who perceives his own life as dangerous or unpleasant, and wants to spare everyone else from it. He’s a master of deflection and putting on a cheerful face, even if he’s truly upset or frustrated or even angry. If he considers someone a “good” person, he will do everything he can to keep them sheltered and safe.

However, if he considers someone a “bad” person (which is very rare, and usually only applies to someone who intentionally hurts others), he is much more candid and blunt. In-canon, Matoba gets this treatment, as Natsume loathes the way he treats youkai, and is much more to-the-point and often downright rude. Notable is how Natsume does not consider people who’ve hurt him as “bad”, as he still perceives himself as worthy of mistreatment on some level, due to the “trouble” he caused as a young child (frightened and confused by the things he could see, he was often loud or erratic or seen as a liar). This is a deep-seated view that is almost impossible to argue against.

In a more general sense, Natsume is a mellow, if somewhat out-of-touch teenager, who doesn’t seem particularly aware of the things that concern other boys his age – he’s never particularly expressed an interest in dating, he doesn’t know much about movies or television or music. He enjoys reading and taking walks, in his limited free time. He’s very physically sensitive to spiritual energy, and comes across as weak or delicate health-wise, often passing out or falling asleep in public places. He’s fairly inept at talking to children, but he adores animals, especially “cute” ones. Overall he just wants to make other people’s lives easier and be seen as a “kind” person.

Abilities: First and foremost: Natsume can see “spirits” (called “youkai” or “ayakashi” in his universe, usually represented as any creatures, gods, goddesses, divine beings or other non-human entities. This does not include ghosts necessarily, if only because human souls don’t linger in the canon of his world). They appear as corporeal and real as any human, and he often has trouble distinguishing that they’re different. These spirits seem to perceive him as well, as he gives off a spiritual “energy” that draws attention and, in many cases, makes him seem “delicious”.

In-canon, Natsume’s biggest “gift” is the ability to return names, which are a sort of contract his grandmother Reiko made after defeating spirits, binding them as her servants of sorts. As he is her direct descendant, Natsume can release these spirits from this bond, though it leaves him physically drained. He has also been seen to be a near-prodigy of sorts when it comes to other spirit-related powers – i.e., Natori, a successful exorcist from a long line of exorcists, is astounded by Natsume’s natural talent and ability to learn binding and exorcising spells almost immediately. It’s implied that Natsume has an enormous amount of raw power that he simply has never been taught how to use, but it enables him to pick up various charms and spells very easily.

While physically below-average (to the point of being “weak” and easily susceptible to illness), Natsume’s spiritual abilities mean that he can defend himself against spiritual attacks with ease, often striking or outright punching spirits who threaten him. This does not carry into his dealings with aggressive humans, however. It seems to be another case of him having huge untrained power that protects him without him really being in full control of it.

Alignment: Peromei (as he was the last time he was in the game). Natsume is always balanced on the thin edge between despair and hope, wanting to believe the best, but fearing the worst, about himself, about others, about the world.

Other: Natsume was in Verens for nine months, but left about six months ago. It's been almost 18 months in his world, though, and he’s noticeably grown (albeit slightly), as well as become more confident and secure in himself. He’s going to be very emotional and happy to see everyone he knew before, once he remembers that he knows them.


General Sample: Link!

Emotion Sample: It's raining outside -- in fact, it's more or less raining inside as well. This is less because of the weather than it is because of Natsume himself. He's been trying for hours to organize all his memories about Verens -- who he knew, what they did, where they went. It's mostly been easy, like a whole second life he'd suddenly remembered. On the other's a whole second life he's suddenly remembered. People he'd lost, hard conversations he'd had, how deeply he'd cared for all of them. The fact that when he'd returned he'd lost it all is just starting to sink in.

So he's sitting at the table, arms crossed, head bowed. And above his head, condensing slowly, bit by bit -- a tiny grey rain cloud, welling with water, ready to slide free in response to Natsume's grief, his waves of memories and soak him to the skin.

Questions: I’m very pleased to be back!!