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IC Inbox For [community profile] empatheias

[Whenever anyone in Verens needs him, Natsume can be easily contacted via his crystal, a small pendant shaped like a lucky cat, which he usually wears around his neck~ Please note in the header whether the message is visual, audio or text, and when it was sent.]
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15/07; voice

[personal profile] gottacatch 2016-07-15 08:51 am (UTC)(link)
[ Brng brng, Natsume's amulet!! It's Red and his usual cheery voice! ]

Natsume, hey! Are you free right now?
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[ ...Natsume. ]

Uh-- are you okay? If you're busy you can get back to me!
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[ Just don't go to image, Natsume. ]

Oh-- sorry about that! [ whoops. ] The Light of Helisium festival is this weekend, so dunamis classes won't be running Saturday. I wanted to make sure you and Glenn knew. You're gonna wanna check it out, right?

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points and laughs

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I am a fail

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28/7 or whenever is a good time idk???

[personal profile] minenameis 2016-07-28 09:16 am (UTC)(link)
[It had been quite some time since Frog's home had been destroyed by the quake and ever since, he had taken to living with Natsume, using his couch as a bed. It was always meant to be a temporary solution of course, but Frog had found himself putting off the reconstruction of his burrow simply because he enjoyed the boy's company too much.

Still, he felt a little guilty encroaching on Natsume's space and didn't want to outstay his welcome. With the promise of a new door to his home at least, maybe now was the time to leave. It would still take time to rebuild, but... well, he had to go sometime, didn't he?

Reluctantly, and with a cold aura about him, your froggy friend will be approaching you now, Natsume.]

...Natsume? Art thou busy?
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[The Froge Force is strong in this one. Frog takes a seat in front of where Natsume is lounging, noting his usual choice of reading material with fond amusement, but... now wasn't the the time to change the subject. He gives a soft sigh before continuing.]

...I am beginning to wonder if perhaps I should return to the woods to rebuildeth my lost home. This arrangement was only ever meant to be temporary. I hath stayed long enough and do not wish to be thy burden.
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[Natsume noooooo. Frog shakes his head hurriedly; the last thing he wanted to do was make Natsume feel like he'd done something to upset him.]

If I am to leave, it shalt be on good terms, Natsume. Thou hath been nothing but hospitable towards me and for that I am grateful.

But... this is thy home. Surely thou shalt desire thy space in the end?

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I've got something for you when you've got the time. I'd prefer to meet you in private, though, so come see me at my apartment or let me know when I can stop by.
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[ Oh for heaven's sake, child

Merisia sends a map Natsume's way. Nothing particularly fancy, but easy enough to read. ]

Knock three times when you get here so I know it's you.
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[ Merisia slides the lock open and peeks through the door...yep, that's Natsume. Accompanied by his dog, of course. Merisia lifts an eyebrow and opens the door fully, stepping back. ]

C'mon in.

[ She's not one for greetings, as you can see.

Carbuncle, whom had been sitting on the bed, bounds over to say hello to the visiting canine. Hi, friend! 8D

Merisia's apartment isn't all that large. It's studio-sized, and while roomy and well-furnished, it'd feel empty were it not for some scraps of cloth lazily pushed aside to keep the floor clean. Her robe is also hanging on the back of a chair, leaving Merisia in her camise and skirt instead and looking a bit smaller than she usually does as a result.

There's also a small, wrapped package on the end table near the bed. Huh. ]

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Voice | Ring Ring Natsume 12/09 whatever works??

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[While Frog isn't currently resident in Natsume's humble abode right now (instead out on one of his usual daytime excursions), he might find a familiar sensation entering his mind as the froggy calls upon him via crystal.

Should he tune into it, he'll hear Frog calling.]

Natsume? Tell me, art thou busy this coming afternoon?
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[Are you sure about that Natsume because it definitely sounded like he was just interrupting something... Cue audible throat croaking clearing as Frog gathers his thoughts again.]

Well... wouldst thou be willing to join me for an outing? 'tis not healthy to spend too much time alone indoors. Let us share food and drink together, while the weather remains fine.
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[Careful what you start projecting, Natsume, or Frog will have some even more interesting questions for you! But no, instead he's hit with the sheer sensation of hope from the boy, and sends back his own eager reply.]

Aye! Thou couldst call it that. I feel that both of us may benefit from some time to relax. What say thee?

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[sometime early june - by the actual mail post]

[personal profile] lionroll 2017-06-05 03:18 pm (UTC)(link)
[Hunk has handwritten notes to be sent out by the postman who requested letters to send. While he never got the strangers name, a mental image seemed good enough for the postman to find Natsume.]


My name is Hunk and I'm writing today to formally apologize for my behavior to you last month. I was one of those whose amulets was stolen, and during that time I did some mean things. I feel terrible that our first meeting was me giving you a jacked up cookie. I am really not that kind of person, and I would love to have the chance to make things up to you. Please, let me know if you'd like to meet up for coffee, or anything else you'd like to have.

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06/07; letter

[personal profile] gottacatch 2017-07-03 01:43 am (UTC)(link)
[ hey hey Natsume, have a letter from a messenger bird in Red's wonderful home language, readable thanks to magical emotion world. ]


How have you been since the mess with Elios? I hope you've been okay and it wasn't too bad for you. How about Kyan-san? Is he fine?

Helisium is coming up soon! That's the festival you got that really elaborate costume for. We should check out the food again!


[ Why is he sending a letter? ???? who knows. ]
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06/07; letter

[personal profile] gottacatch 2017-07-05 05:06 pm (UTC)(link)

You don't know if you're aging? I'm pretty sure people age while they're here. How old do I look to you? I don't think I look the same as I did when I first got here. [ But now....he wonders....does he.... ]

Do you know what you'll go as? Glenn had a fun costume last year. I want to see what I can get away with this time... how about I go as a waiter again? I don't think I'll want to go all the nights anyway. The daytime has more to do!

[ Can't even be bothered to sign his name this time. ]

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