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It's been a really weird day for Takashi.

Not because of the too-big clothes -- he's used to getting hand-me-downs from foster brothers (or sisters) and having to roll the sleeves and legs up a few times to make them fit. The fact that these clothes seem to be made for someone twice his size doesn't cause more than a minute or so of confusion before he's sighing and dealing with it.

And not because of the unfamiliar surroundings -- Takashi's lived so many places that it's not uncommon for him not to recognize the latest apartment or house's surroundings right after waking up. Even though...after he rubs at his eyes with the heels of his hands and frowns around a little, the place still doesn't look familiar. Maybe he's getting sick.

No, the weirdest thing is that there's a dog here. Takashi's been in a lot of different homes in his almost-seven years, and he's almost completely certain none of them have had a dog in it. It's a very cute dog, small and shaggy, with big brown eyes and a fluffy tail. But it's also barking at him, and trying to bite his ankles, so Takashi quickly scrambles off the couch, tugging the too-big shirt around himself and running for the nearest door.

Hopefully he'll run into someone familiar out in the hallway...
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The reaction isn't totally surprising to Frog, considering... well, he looks like a giant frog-person. He would imagine many small children would find that alarming. Still, it doesn't stop him from feeling guilty that he's scaring the poor lad just by existing...

Frog comes a little closer, but not too close, and kneels down in front of the boy. He doesn't want to trap him or give him cause to believe he was, in fact, going to hurt him in any way.

"I mean thee no harm, lad. Though my form is that of a frog, I am no monster. Pray, tell me thy name."

Look, he's even smiling! He hopes that looks friendly and not creepy at all...
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'One of those monsters?' So it was commonplace for him to see such things? It's then Frog recalls a rather older boy who could see 'ghosts' or at least something like it. Could this child also be afflicted with the same curse? Or... maybe...

"I take no pleasure in bullying children," he replies, knowingly, as he was subject to torment himself at his age, albeit it by other humans. And slowly, he offers a friendly hand. It's entirely up to him if he wants to take it or not. "I am a friend... and I am beginning to wonder if we may have met before. Dost thou not remember me?"
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Frog retracts that hand and tries to be as still as he can... evidently the boy was still on edge, and who could blame him if he expected to be treated so cruelly? At his explanation though, Frog is becoming more and more confused himself. That shirt was definitely familiar... so was the boy... but if this was really who he thought it was then how did he suddenly become younger?

Whatever the reason, the poor kid needed reassurance and security right now. Maybe he wasn't the best person, frog-person, to give it to him, but he would try as much as he would let him.

"I know not how thou came to be this way, but I am certain I know thee... Natsume. Takashi Natsume. Is that thy name?"
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Then it was true? How odd... it seemed this place held many more secrets that Frog was unaware of. In any case, Natsume seems to have calmed a little, some of that fear replaced with surprise instead. Frog still doesn't dare move any closer, but sits exactly where he is, keeping that distance between them.

"Ah, mine name is... Frog," he says, realising how strange that must sound - even moreso to a small child. "Mayhap I do not appear as a normal frog, but... there is naught to be afraid of."

Even if he was carrying a sword. He hoped Natsume wouldn't see that as a sign that Frog really could be potentially dangerous. Hrm, let's try and keep the focus off of that.

"Thou hast found thyself in a strange land known as Empatheias. This is the city of Verens... and this is thine new dwelling place. I am sure thou shalt find thyself in a much more comfortable state once we have found thee more... fitting clothes."
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"Why? Well..."

There's an awkward pause at that as Frog tries to think of a suitable answer. He's not going to launch into details about what had happened to him - it would only pose more questions, or unnerve poor little Natsume even more. How to explain... No, there was nothing for it. He would just have to be honest.

"I did once have another name... Glenn. If it suits thee better, please... call me by it."

It wasn't a lie and at least it gave the child a choice. The way Natsume shrinks at the news of his new location, no matter how much he took in, leads Frog to grow ever more concerned, however.

"And no, thou art not alone. Though I am really merely a visitor, thou shalt find kind people living below. Should thou need help or company, thou art welcome here."
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Really Natsume, did you really have to thank him for just being nice...? How sad. Frog doesn't respond to that prodding either, allowing the boy to sense things out. Yes, he is very much real, whether that was seen as a bad thing or not!

It was good to see the child beginning to relax, if only just a little, but Frog falters at his next question. Even when he was older, Frog knew nothing about Natsume's parents or any other members of his family. Trying to explain that to a lost little boy...

"I... I am afraid I know not who thine family is. Still, there is no reason why thou cannot belong to thyself! Thou art a strong lad."

He's trying to spin this in a positive light, but he's not sure if it's really helping...
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Natsume stahp

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It was rather strange to have a small child suddenly scoot closer and start patting away at your feet, but Frog was happy to see the boy coming out of his shell. That anyone should even wish to touch him in his current form was a pleasant surprise, particularly one so small and so afraid of that which appeared unnatural...

There was still the problem of Natsume's current position however. He couldn't very well leave him alone and he couldn't give him an answer as to the whereabouts of his parents either. He's not sure if his offer will be met with much relief, but he has to try.

"...I hath been using thy seat as a bed since mine own home collapsed in a quake. I cannot replace thy parents but... I am here for thee, Natsume. Thou art not alone."
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cuteness overwhelming

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Frog is aware that his way of speaking isn't familiar to most of the people he's met here, so it would be no surprise to him if a six-year-old would find it a little difficult to process... Still, Natsume seems to be doing well in that regard and can at least understand enough to work out what he was saying!

...which was to say... well, he hadn't quite meant he would literally take him under his wing, but that hopeful look in his eyes and the little hands clasping his own make it very difficult to say otherwise. He hesitates, not sure what to really say to that, but...

"Wouldst thou trust me to be thy guardian?"
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...all right, Frog can't help but give a chuckle at that and was now smiling himself, good job Natsume!

Although did he just say 'not feed him' if he was bad? Was that really something he expected from a responsible adult? The smile doesn't fade entirely, but Frog's still looking sympathetically at the kid. Just what kind of environment had Natsume grown up in... and how had he turned out so kind despite it?

"Thou art a healthy growing lad and shalt have a hearty meal each night with me! Alas, I expect thee to eat thy vegetables readily, though if green beans art not to thy taste... I am sure we can seeketh out an alternative.

Hmm... books art also a gift to one so young and provide much knowledge. However, thy mind can only hold so much each day. Be sure to rest when thou needeth it."
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It's the way he talks about it with a sense of normality that really touches Frog's heart. No child should believe that such cruelties are a 'normal' part of growing up. There would always be hardships yes but... there was no excuse for neglect. Even Cyrus, who believed him to be too soft-hearted, would surely agree with him in this case.

O-oh um, well now they weren't just holding hands - Frog's moist amphibious hands were being gently patted at. He's not quite sure exactly what he should do in response to this, so opts to stretch out those sort-of-squishy fingers, palm up, and allow Natsume whatever curiosity he needs to get out of his system.

As for the beans... well, poor Frog tenses a little at the child's words. Coming from anyone else, he might feel that it was him being talked about.

"Ah, yes... but sometimes 'tis the most unpleasant of foods which art the healthiest for us. Hast thou tried cabbage? Carrots? Parsnips?"
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S-so cute, Natsume. Even someone as stalwart as Frog can't help but feel a fondness for the child as he explores his new companion out of fascination rather than fear. Frog gives a croaking chuckle in response to Natsume's giggling... as well as his supposed unfamiliarity with the word 'parsnip'. Such a common vegetable and Natsume had never come across it before?

"A parsnip is... somewhat like a carrot, in fact. A pale, white carrot, stronger of flavour and heavier in texture. 'tis not commonly liked by young children, but thou cannot know if thou liketh it unless thou try it!"
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[O-OH hello small child suddenly reaching up to pat at Frog's face. The frogman can't help but flinch back out of instinct, trying to dodge the little hands - he wasn't really used to people just coming up and poking at him. In fact, most people ran the other way.]

Ah... yes... well, I am afraid I hath none on my person presently. But, if thou art hungry, we should go to the kitchen and see what we can find. There may be bread and fruit, and many other things to dine on!